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The name Growing Up Goofy has a double-meaning, and it’s totally intentional. Of course, there’s an obvious reference to Disney, which I loved as a child, and am now getting to experience and enjoy all over again as a parent. As a child, I was skinny, clumsy, and a little awkward. I had an eclectic, unique combination of experiences, from modeling to pig farming, and I remember laughing and being silly with my brother and sister. Now, as a mother, I absolutely love hearing my daughters laugh and giggle. These are the most beautiful sounds in the world.

I spend my days trying to find the balance between laughter and tears. But most importantly, I don’t want to miss another moment with our daughters, and I’m recording some of those moments here, along with practical tips and ideas I pick up along the way. Join me on my trials and tribulations as I figure this whole life thing out!

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Cam Bowman @cambowman
Stay-at-home mother of two, wife, blogger, amateur photographer. Former flight attendant. Lover of all things Disney. Living the dream.
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