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Mickey’s Fun Wheel: A twist to the Ferris wheel

A twist to the classic Ferris wheel.Mickey’s Fun Wheel offers a twist to the classic Ferris wheel. This ride offers two very different experiences. The question you have to ask yourself is “to swing or not to swing?” If you want your gondola to swing back and forth, along with the moving wheel, be prepared for a thrill ride. If you like a gentle ride, then opt for the non-swinging gondola.

I prefer the stationery gondola. However, our 5-year-old loves the thrill of the swinging one. She will laugh and scream as the gondola swings up and back. When I go along for the ride, I have my eyes squeezed shut, and I clutch the sides with both hands. Don’t worry, if you’re feeling a litte queezy, there are motion sickness bags inside each car.

This is also a great ride if you have multiple people in your group. The cars are spacious, and can accommodate up to six people at a time. Whether you pick the swinging or stationary car, riding Mickey’s Fun Wheel will get you a great view of Paradise Pier, the rest of the park, and even some of nearby Anaheim. It’s a view not to be missed.

The Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo

One of the must-eats at Disneyland is the Monte Cristo sandwich. It’s on the menu at Blue Bayou and at Cafe Orleans. If you’ve never had a Monte Cristo before, it’s a richer variation of the already rich French sandwich, the croque monsieur. Disney’s Monte Cristo is turkey, ham, and swiss, deep-fried in batter, and dusted with powdered sugar. continued

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