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One year ago

Dear Emma,

Your dad and I went to bed last night just as we did one year ago. What we didn’t know then was it was the last night we would be going to bed as a couple. The next night we would be going to bed as a family of three.

Each and every night since then I thank God for the greatest blessing of our lives. You are amazing. You have changed our lives for the better, and we couldn’t be happier. It hasn’t been easy by any means. But I would do it all over again a million times.

I still remember the minute you were born. I couldn’t believe how small and precious you were. How all the fear I had just disappeared as I was holding you. And here you are, one year old. I am sad and happy all at once. I remember those first few months being the most difficult of my life. Now I wake each day filled with great anticipation of what surprise you have in store for me.

Thank you for being our little girl. Thank you for making us better people and showing us what love is all about.


11 months old

11monthMonth 11 was so jammed packed I don’t even know where to begin! This month has been so much fun. We celebrated a one year birthday party with all of Emma’s “Day One” friends. Emma is walking every chance she get (with the help of her push wagon.) She now crawls very quickly and loves to play chase. Fourth of July was a ton of fun. And we even managed to have our first family photo shoot this past month. Overall Emma has been such a joy to be around. We realize every day how lucky we are.

Emma has a wonderful group of friends. Some are about a month or two older and we helped them celebrate their big one year birthday. It was a blast. Thanks to Janet and Brian we were able to have all the kids together for some true birthday fun. Emma loved Nora’s water table. She splashed everyone in arms length. It was perfect for the hot summer day. Janet even made individual cupcakes and fun goodie bags for each baby. It’s always entertaining watching the babies together.

watertable21 continued

Happy 4th!

Ok, so technically, we’re one day late in wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July. But it took some time to get the photos off the camera.

Emma walked in her first parade yesterday. She and her friend, Charlotte, had fully decorated Radio Flyer walker wagons that they pushed in the Menlo Park 4th of July parade. Actually, Emma rode in hers most of the time. These two little girls and their two wagons were the hit of the parade. Everyone who saw them gushed with adoring smiles. We heard lots of “oohs” and “aahs” and “isn’t that the cutest thing in the whole wide world?!” the entire parade route. Lots of fun had by all. continued

Emma at 10 months

Wow. 10 months down. It won’t be long until Emma is a year old. The past month has gone by fast. We’ve gotten a little behind in posting photos to Flickr, and the last 9-month post was written way too late. So Cam is forcing me to stop other tasks to make sure we get this one written and published as close as possible to Emma’s birthday.

in highchair continued

Emma turns 9 months old

Emma turned 9 months old this week. We had a lot of activity this month. We had our first visit to the ER, took a trip to the zoo, Grandma Thelma came to visit, and we celebrated my first Mother’s Day.


Emma hasn’t even had a cold yet, but here we are one night, going the ER at 2:00am. It turns out Emma had picked up “Hand, Foot, and Mouth” disease. This is very common in small children, but it’s tough to see our little girl so miserable. We had to stay home for several days until we knew she was no longer contagious. She is definitely an outdoors girl, so it was hard to keep her housebound. continued

7 months old

Happy Birthday, Emma!

7 months

Today Emma turned seven months old. We have now mastered eating. Or at least, Emma thinks she has. She’s eating three meals a day just like we are. She gets fruit and cereal in the mornings, fruit and veggies for lunch, and two veggies for dinner. Along with each meal she also gets Cherios! Her new favorite word to hear. It’s kinda funny to see her watch us walk over to the cupbord with the cereal. She knows exactly what’s in there. Reminds me of Jackson when he was a puppy. continued

Swinging in the park

Emma's first time on the swing

This month is bringing lots of new fun. We have had rain for the last two weeks and I have been waiting for the sun to break through so we could go to the park. We have a great little community park right outside our front door and it’s been calling us to play.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and Emma and I were able to go to the park. We finally got to try the swings for the first time. Emma loved it. It was so much fun watching her kick her little feet and squeal with delight. At first she wasn’t so sure. But after a while, she couldn’t get enough.

The rain has returned for another week. But you can bet we will be back to the park on the next sunny day!

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