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Who was… book series for young readers by WHOHQ

In getting ready for our summer vacation, we want to incorporate a few landmarks that would hopefully be memorable to our children. Traveling at such a young age, it’s hard to know what they’ll remember in the years to come. One of our stops this summer is Amsterdam. I’ve always wanted to visit the Anne Frank house, but not sure how to explain the Holocaust and why we need to honor this young girl. I immediately started a search for children’s books about Anne Frank. Not only did I find the perfect book about Anne Frank, but I stumbled upon WHOHQ and opened an entire library of goodness for young readers. continued

Softball Girls: How we’re raising Players in Pigtails

Softball Girls: How we're raising Players in Pigtails

We recently celebrated International Women’s Day. I wanted to find something meaningful to give to my girls that would somehow empower them and let them know they could pretty much do anything if they had the desire and support behind them. I don’t know where I saw it, but I found the book Players in Pigtails by Shana Corey and couldn’t wait to read it to them. Softball has become a huge part of our life now and our weekends seem to be consumed by the sport. Books like this have been a great tool for parents who are raising girls who love sports. continued

How to start a book club

Remember my post a couple weeks ago about finding your tribe? Well, I talked a lot about how making new friends is kinda like dating and you really need to find commonality within a group in order to fit in. After thinking about it a bit, one thing that hit me is my love of reading. I was sure I would find other like minds and start a book club.


Tinkerlab: A hands-on guide for little inventors

Kids are funny, and scary. When I realized I had a creative little toddler, I struggled to find ways to keep her busy. I knew our oldest daughter was full of creativity, just like her dad. I needed to find a fun way to have organized chaos. On a very slim budget, I was able to create an amazing space for my girls to make a huge mess while exploring her creative side. Little did I know, I had created our very own “Tinkerlab.”

TinkerlabFinish continued

Disney Social Media Moms 2014: hanging with Disney Junior!


After attending the conference on Friday, we knew Saturday was going to have a completely different feel. We’d be spending the day with our families and the Disney Junior crew. Both of my girls were over the moon when they found out Sofia was going to be there. Little did I know, I’d be just as floored with what we were about to experience. continued

Blog to Book in 30 days

One of the best things I’ve ever done is publish my first book, 101 Disneyland Tips. Even though it was a lot of work, it was so much fun, and I really enjoyed the entire process.

Several people have asked me how I did it so quickly. I recently spoke on a panel at a the Entertainment New Media Network conference, and I talked about how I did it. So I’ll share the details here with you too.

101 Disneyland Tips


101 Disneyland Tips book giveaway!

Did you think I wasn’t going to share my book with you? I will, right here, right now. After all, it’s because of you, dear readers, that my book is even a reality. If you didn’t get the book over the holidays, here’s your chance at getting your very own copy for free.

101 Disneyland Tips

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. You can win by tweeting about the giveaway, liking Growing Up Goofy on Facebook, pinning the giveaway on Pinterest, and/or by leaving a comment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
For more information about the book, visit the book’s website, From there, you can easily access any of the online bookstores that offer the book for sale!

101 Disneyland Tips, the book

I’m so excited that I finally get share my new book with you. 101 Disneyland Tips is now available for purchase in paperback, Kindle, and other eBook reader editions.

Back in September, I started a 30 Days of Disneyland Tips email newsletter. Each day, for the month of September, I sent out a previously unpublished tip about Disneyland. As the month came to a close, I realized I had many more tips to share. More tips meant more content, and that content somehow got wrangled together into a real, live, physical (and digital) book! Can you tell I’m excited?

When we first started our Disneyland adventures, I couldn’t find a good book or a website that fit our needs. I didn’t want a typical guide book that walked me through every step of the park. I also didn’t want someone telling me how to survive the park either. I wanted tips based on someone’s experience. Advice to make our trips easier. I wanted to know about a few of the lesser-known elements that don’t always get discovered on the first few Disneyland visits. I wanted to be able to come home and tell my friends about the little moments that added the extra magic to our trip. Since I didn’t find the perfect book for us, after a few years and many of our own Disneyland visits, I wrote something that I would have wanted several years ago. The subtitle says it best. It’s an insider guide full of time-saving advice and lesser-known, can’t-miss experiences.

If you enjoyed my 30 days of Disneyland Tips back in September, you’ll enjoy the book even more. The book contains most of those tips, plus a huge set of additional tips. The book is easy to follow, and reads quickly. And either the paperback or the eBook version also works as a great take-along book for your own Disneyland visit. Whether you’re planning your first trip, or your tenth, there are nuggets in this book for everyone.

Visit the book’s one-page website,, for easy access to each of the booksellers that now offer the book for sale!

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I wrote a book about Disneyland

101 Disneyland Tips is available in paperback, Kindle, and many other eBook editions.

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