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Ice cream sandwiches, Mickey style

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh how I love Summer! Living in San Francisco, we get about three weeks of actual Summer weather. One thing I miss about a traditional Summer is ice cream. I only like to eat it if it’s warm outside. I’ve been waiting for warmer weather to make ice cream sandwiches. Today it’s finally going to happen. I have several pinned over at Pinterest that I’ve been waiting to try, and thought I’d put my own Disney spin on it for our girls. continued

Using chalkboard paint on canvas to create a small sign

hello final

This weekend I took Emma “yardsaling” with me. I was looking for used candle votives for a project and thought this was the perfect place to start looking for great deals on “used” candle holders. We went to several yard sales, she held her two-dollars close, and she scored a gently used dollhouse. The man sold it to her for a quarter. She was beyond thrilled. continued

Craft room revealed: A year later

A year ago, I started working on a DIY craft room project for our girls. Life happened and I realized I never shared the finish product. A little history… this had to be a low-cost DIY project. We were on a tight budget, and I needed to create this space for around $200. It had to be a multi-purpose space, meaning it was also going to be used for guests, sewing, and a play area for Addie. But I really wanted the girls to feel like this was their space.


We started the project with phase one by cleaning out the space. We had a lot of junk treasures to sell. This gave us a little more cash toward the overall budget. I gave myself one week to get this phase done. Once I had the space cleaned out, we started phase two. We painted an accent wall, picked out materials, and started looking into how we would accomplish the bigger ideas I had. continued

DIY Craft and Playroom (update)

When I started phase 1, I gave myself one week to get the room cleaned out. I managed to make several trips to the Goodwill, have a virtual yard sale, and got the room ready to go in just a few days.

Now that the room is ready to go, phase two has begun. The accent wall was painted, shelves were hung, and the table is finally finished. I have one more project that requires the use of an electric saw. That, my friends, is completely out of my comfort zone. It’s going to have to wait for the weekend when my husband can help out.



DIY Craft and Playroom (Phase 1)

Recently, Emma has become more restless than usual. I think her little sister is cramping her style. It’s really hard for Em to “work” creatively when she has a one-year old pulling out the paper she’s writing on. We’ve also had to limit what she can use because of Addie. No tape, glitter, glue, scissors, and anything else that Addie might put in her mouth. Emma is really creative and we’ve enjoyed her projects. This is why we’re breaking all the rules around her and re-doing our guest space. continued

Homemade salt-dough Christmas ornaments

It’s been raining like crazy, and we’ve spent a lot of times indoors this week. We’ve had a week full of Christmas projects around here. Earlier this week, we made a canvas hand print tree and a Christmas tree made of buttons. Yesterday, we made salt-dough Christmas ornaments. We’ve never made them before. I’m surprised how well they turned out given they were decorated by a four-year old. continued

Kid-friendly Christmas crafts: O Button Tree

As a kid, I remember a decorative Christmas tree that my grandmother and mother made together. I have always loved that tree. It has buttons and costume jewelry in the shape of a tree. I am lucky to have that tree in my home now, and I put it out every Christmas. continued

Christmas Craft: Canvas hand print tree

We’re finally at an age where craft projects are fun. When I first saw this project at The Other White House, I knew I wanted to give it a try. Both of my girls were able to take part, which isn’t always the case. After this project, we have a beautiful, hand crafted painting sitting on our living room mantel. continued

Cake pops

Emma’s 4th birthday is just around the corner. For her birthday party I thought it might be fun to make cake pops this year instead of cupcakes. I love the look of cake pops but have never been impressed with the taste and texture. I decided to do a trial run to see how they’re made and if they’d taste any different from the ones I’ve had. continued

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