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Top 5 Best Hostess Gifts Under $40

Cyber Monday is just a couple days away and I have the top five best hostess gifts under $40 just for you. One of the reasons I love the holidays so much is because of the festivities. I have always loved to entertain and have both given and received some of the best hostess gifts. My favorite party is my cookie exchange party. I spend a lot of time thinking about fun gifts to give and useful gifts I’ve received. Something to keep in mind when you buy someone a host gift… You don’t have to spend a ton of money, these gift suggestions are from $6-$38. Keep it simple and thoughtful; those are the best gifts.

2017 Best Hostess Gifts…

Best Hostess Gifts continued

The Amazing Zhus

The holidays are almost here. I know this because I find myself saying to our daughters, “put it on your list” every time we leave the house. We have a pretty firm rule in our household for Christmas. The girls get two gifts each. One from “Santa” and one from Mom and Dad. But, that doesn’t stop the rest of the family from sending a gift or two.


Recently we received The Amazing Zhus Magician Pets to add to our holiday gift guide. Our girls were eager to open their new pet, “The Great Kardini.” Kardini is one of four different Stunt Pet characters. Kardini is the stunt pet that can perform tricks and even vanish before your eyes. continued

Top 5 must-have baby gifts

One of the most overwhelming details about having a baby is buying all of those much needed survival items. When I was pregnant with our first baby, I think we had over two hundred items on our baby registry. We didn’t know what we needed, so we put one of every item we could think of in our shopping cart.

It’s been six years since we had our first baby, and just over two years since we had our second. Needless to say, there are very few baby items that still exist in our home. But there are a few that we still use regularly. Consider these items “must-haves” for every mom and baby, and items that would make perfect gifts or additions to your own registry.

Baby Items continued

Be mine? Valentine’s day gift ideas

This weekend, we met up with some good friends we hadn’t seen for a while. I knew we were going somewhere sunny and warm, so I thought we would dress up the girls, and take a couple pictures with our camera. But on the trip down, I realized that I left the camera at home. Sigh.

I turned to my husband, who has the newer iPhone, and said “We’ll have to take the pictures with your phone.” Sadly, he had also forgotten his phone. So we were left with my phone. Ok, fine, we’ll use my phone.

Our friend A is a budding amateur photographer, and loves to shoot all the time. He grabbed his camera, and just happened to take a few amazing pictures of our girls. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I wasn’t able to get it together I forgot our camera.

With these pictures, I was able to order several Valentine’s Day gifts. Here’s the mug design that I just ordered – I’m keeping this mug for myself!

York Photo is running a small a promotion you might want to take advantage of. You can get a photo mug for $1. Yes, a buck! I had to pay $5.99 for shipping, but $6.99 was worth it. Because these girls are cute. I also bought a couple re-usable photo tote bags too. These will actually be Valentine’s gifts for the grandparents.

In addition to the $1 mug and $2 tote bag offers, York Photo also has a $20 fleece blanket. Head over to their site if you want to see all their Valentine’s Day offers. Note that these offers are for new customers only.

* Disclaimer: This promotion is part of an affiliate program, which means I get a small portion of sales. However, all opinions are my own. So are the adorable kids. This promo was way too good to pass up! Hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will.

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