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Avery & Austin: The perfect playdate

I am so proud to tell you about my latest adventure, Avery & Austin. Avery & Austin was created with my very dear friend, Nichole, from In These Small Moments. We just hit the 2 week mark, and I realized that I never shared it here.


American Girl stores, a fun Summer destination

When I was a little girl, I loved playing with dolls. I would spend the summer with my grandparents. My grandmother spent hours making doll clothes for many of my friends. American Girl had just started, and several catalogs had made their way around the school yard. I couldn’t wait to order my very own doll.

Kit from American Girl


Craft room revealed: A year later

A year ago, I started working on a DIY craft room project for our girls. Life happened and I realized I never shared the finish product. A little history… this had to be a low-cost DIY project. We were on a tight budget, and I needed to create this space for around $200. It had to be a multi-purpose space, meaning it was also going to be used for guests, sewing, and a play area for Addie. But I really wanted the girls to feel like this was their space.


We started the project with phase one by cleaning out the space. We had a lot of junk treasures to sell. This gave us a little more cash toward the overall budget. I gave myself one week to get this phase done. Once I had the space cleaned out, we started phase two. We painted an accent wall, picked out materials, and started looking into how we would accomplish the bigger ideas I had. continued

The tent, part three. And where I question my sanity

A few years ago, I wrote about coming home from a date night to an atrocious play tent in my living room. Grandma thought it was a great idea, and of course Emma loved it. She played with that tent for months. I was so happy when it finally fell apart.

Ugly Play Tent

However, another tent soon sprouted up. This time, it wasn’t so bad. But, I was still ecstatic to see it go. continued

DIY Craft and Playroom (Phase 1)

Recently, Emma has become more restless than usual. I think her little sister is cramping her style. It’s really hard for Em to “work” creatively when she has a one-year old pulling out the paper she’s writing on. We’ve also had to limit what she can use because of Addie. No tape, glitter, glue, scissors, and anything else that Addie might put in her mouth. Emma is really creative and we’ve enjoyed her projects. This is why we’re breaking all the rules around her and re-doing our guest space. continued

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