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Just four days after proposing to Cam, we already have a date set, and coordinated that date with our first choices for ceremony and reception locations. That was way too easy. To be fair, we already knew (basically) where we wanted to get married. And Cam had a pretty solid idea for a time of year. So that meant we only needed to contact our first two choices and determine what dates were available. continued

Georges at the Cove

After I proposed to Cam last night, we drove up to La Jolla where I had dinner reservations at Georges awaiting our arrival. We had a lovely dinner, probably warmed by the glow of our happiness over the engagement. This, despite the fact that our waiter initially brought out the wrong steaks, which he had to take back to the kitchen and have the chef start over. continued


It’s true. I asked Cam to marry me earlier tonight on Point Loma’s campus. I tried to plan a proposal out in advance of coming to San Diego. But when the time actually came, it went way better than planned. I knew I wanted to propose at Point Loma, since that’s where we first met over 13 years ago. continued

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