Kiwi Crate: Hours of fun!

Kiwi Crate Collage

When the Kiwi Crate arrived on our doorstep I was so excited to share it with my girls.  My nine year old loves to gather items around the house and make new things out of them.  You should see her latest creation with some straws, a few balloons, some string and a paper doll.  She has a very creative mind and when I heard about Kiwi Crate I knew this would be perfect for her.

What is Kiwi Crate?

Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription of high quality kids crafting kits delivered to your door.  The kits contain themed crafts and include enough materials to create 2-3 projects as well as a theme booklet with extra activities.

At first I thought that it was overkill, do I really need kids crafts delivered to my door? Am I really that lazy? But then I thought back to our last visit to the craft store with both kids begging for just about every craft kit they saw.  I am pretty sure I spent too much money on a variety of supplies that we ended up not using.  Then it dawned on me; it’s not about being lazy, it’s about being smart.

Kiwi Crate Amusement Park Review

When I opened the box I was excited to see that it was full of high quality craft supplies and fun instructional materials.  My nine year was able to read and follow the directions with ease and was happy to help her little sister with the projects as well.

Our Amusement Park Kit contained the bumper cars and silly squirters craft.  There were enough materials for my girls to each make two of the crafts – they each had two bumper cars and two silly squirter faces to decorate.

Kiwi Crate - Amusement Park Kit

The crafting supplies are of high quality and packaged in a way that makes for a nice presentation when unpacked.  The kit we received even included two pairs of Fiskars scissors, Kiwi Crate doesn’t skimp on their materials.  Once the crafts are put together they are sturdy and wont break easily like some other plastic toys.  These are toys you can be sure you will have in your playroom for a while.

Kiwi Crate Amusement Park Supplies

My girls had a great time putting together the crafts and playing with them. The crafts didn’t take long to put together and they weren’t difficult to assemble.  Within minutes I heard lots of giggles from them. The bumper cars gained the most giggles as they raced and bumped the cars into each other.

Kiwi Crate Bumper Cars

Their creative side was certainly at play with the Kiwi Crate.

Silly Squirters Kit - Fun Times

Kiwi Crate is perfect for busy parents that want their kids to still be creative without have to run to the craft store to buy everything. Sometimes when I go to the craft store I can be overwhelmed when trying to find everything I need to make just a few crafts. With Kiwi Crate all of the shopping is done for you; all you need to do is order it from their website.

Once a month you will receive high quality crafting materials with easy to follow directions and a theme booklet with extra crafts to keep the creativity going all month long. You can sign up for a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase at Kiwi Crate.

Growing Up Goofy readers can get 25% off 1st month subscription to Kiwi Crate. New subscribers also receive free shipping PLUS a bonus welcome kit. Use promo code GUG25 at checkout.

Disclosure: I received the Amusement Kit from Kiwi Crate to review but all opinions are my own.

Mickey Mouse Halloween crafts

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. For the last few years, we’ve been going to Disneyland during the Halloween festivities. Last year, we attended Mickey’s Halloween Party for the first time. We typically go sometime in October. It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

HALLOWEEN TIME at the Disneyland Resort, Haunted Mansion Holiday

Building the excitement of a trip to Disneyland is part of the fun. Our Halloween trip is no exception. We’ve been busy around here getting ready. The girls have picked out their costumes, and we’re making decorations for our annual Halloween party.

Craft project mess

I have several craft projects that are really easy, and take very little time. I don’t have a lot of storage space, so I like projects where I can use the same supplies over and over. I used fabric, ribbon, felt, and the perfect sandwich cutter to create these fun crafts. Here are several fun ways to celebrate Halloween, Mickey style.

Mickey Halloween garland: Cut out several Mickey shapes using different material. Mine were cut out of different Halloween patterned material. After each one is cut out, glue them by the ears to a piece of ribbon. If you’re wanting an extra touch, add a bow to create Minnie!

Mickey Trick-or-Treat bags: I found several different types of bags at Michael’s crafts. I love the smaller black bag that can be used as a backpack. But they also had a cute white shoulder bag that was really easy to work with. Take your Mickey material cut-outs and glue them to the bag. I recommend using Pellon for this step so you don’t need to wait for the glue to dry. Once you have my Mickey’s in place, outline with your favorite color fabric paint.

Mickey tic-tac-toe: I saw this Halloween tic-tac-toe game at Target and knew I could make it on my own. The kids love this game, and it’s even more fun as a Mickey Halloween special. Cut a pumpkin shape out of hard felt. They sell this in big sheets at Michael’s and Joann’s. Measure your lines to create criss-cross lines. Use Wrick-Wrack to make your lines. Glue them on with Liquid Stitch or any other clear drying adhesive.

Cut out a stem in green felt. Using the same patterns as your material, cut out felt Mickey shapes. I created five Mickey pumpkins and five Mickey ghosts. You’ll need ten cutouts of each color. Glue two pieces together leaving a small opening at the bottom. Once dry, stuff with cotton balls and glue the opening shut. Use a clothes pin to hold the opening closed while drying. Use fabric paint and draw a white mouth on the black felt and you have your ghost. Add a green felt stem to the orange felt, you have a pumpkin.

Mickey t-shirts with matching skirts: As long as my children will let me, I love making them matching outfits for each of our trips to Disneyland. They still love to dress up. My mother makes a “ten-minute skirt” to match the shirt I make. I buy the plain t-shirts at Target for $5. Using the same fabric, I put a Mickey shape in the center of the shirt to match the skirt. People always stop us to ask where we got them.

Mickey silhouette painting: Get a black canvas, paint, and painting spouncer. Draw a Mickey shape wherever you like and dab with paint around the edges, or fill in completely. You can also use different size spongers and make “hidden” Mickey’s like my daughter did. This is the perfect project for children of any age.

You can do all of these projects using any of your favorite holiday fabric cut outs. We’ve done this for each a holiday and the kids love it. What crafts have you made using Mickey shapes? Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween?

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

The Must Have Box

I just got my first POPSUGAR Must Have box and I am thrilled. The POPSUGAR Must Have box was the first box subscription where I could actually enjoy everything in the box. The box is $39.95 a month, but the value seemed to be around $225. Not a bad deal for items I’ll actually use.


Before I actually committed to signing up for a subscription, I took a look at the previous months boxes. There were several boxes that I wish I had, so I’m excited about what will be coming in my subscription.


The Must Have Box is inspired by different events, themes, and holidays. September was inspired by autumn, long walks, bad to school, fashion week, and of course…football. Perfect for Fall.


Have you tried the Must Have Box? What do you think? Are you thinking about singing up? I just signed up today, and would love for you to use my shameless referral code. If you sign up for a 3 month subscription, you can also get $10 off with code SEPT14SELECT.

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it. 

Find me (and my notes) on Findery


It’s been a few weeks since I started using Findery. I’ve been poking around, adding content that I know well, and feeling it out. For those of you who don’t know what Findery is, it’s best described as Google Maps + Pinterest+ Yelp, all in one.

What I like the most, you connect with your friends about places you are visiting, are curious about, or plan to visit. With help from “notes” left in specific locations, it’s almost like your friends are there giving you advice about anything nearby. I  love being out around town, on vacation, or stumbling upon the unexpected, and being able to share instantly. I just open the app, and share my latest note.

Findery officially launched in March of this year, and iOS users have been able to use their mobile app since then. Today, it’s available to Android users as well.

I’ve been busy building several Notemaps to share with everyone. This is a peek of the content available on my Disneyland Notemap as viewed from a desktop browser. But if you’re walking around Disneyland, and have questions about what’s around you, and what you may not have discovered yet, pull up the Findery app on your phone, and see tips, stories, and notes about locations all around you.

Are you using Findery? Are we connected yet? You can find me on Findery as CamBowman. If you haven’t yet, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and get the Findery app now.

I am working with Findery to help spread the good word. All opinions are my own. 

Meet Oswald, the lucky rabbit

Have you ever wondered who that crazy character is at the entrance of California Adventure? You know, the one that kind of looks like Mickey Mouse? Every time we walk past Oswald’s on Buena Vista Street, I hear people ask about him. There’s a little confusion over this character.

Oswald is a rabbit. A lucky rabbit. Oswald is over 80 years old, created even before Mickey Mouse. He’s been gaining popularity lately with Disney’s revival of early characters. Now you can meet him in person at DCA.

Starting today, you can find Oswald on Buena Vista Street between the main entrance and Hyperion Bridge, from park opening until 7 p.m.

After your meet-and-greet, head over to Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream and order the “Oswald” ice cream sundae! Yum!

We’re expanding to Walt Disney World

Ever since I started writing about Disney, I never felt like I had enough experience to talk about Walt Disney World. We’ve been a total of 14 days over a ten year period. Not really enough to get a feel for the ins and outs. Or provide helpful tips.


It’s with great excitement that we get to welcome Eric, Rachel, and then entire Cox clan to our Growing Up Goofy family. The “CoxClan7″ will be sharing their Walt Disney World trips and tips with us.


I’ve known the Cox family for many, many years. We grew up together in Northern California. They are some of the biggest Disney fans around, and are now living in Florida. They have five awesome children, Cali, Cooper, Connor, Caitlin, and Carli. They now live in Sarasota, where they get the best of both worlds. They get to spend their days at the beach, and their free time at Walt Disney World.

With five kids, I’m sure Rachel and Eric will have a lot to share with us. I am lucky to have them join the Growing Up Goofy family.

So, if you have any questions about Walt Disney World, send them our way. The CoxClan is ready for you!

Welcome CoxClan7!

Findery: My latest obsession

You know when you stumble upon something that is so great, you want everyone you know to use it too? This is how I feel about I was introduced to Findery this past week, and now I have a new obsession.

For those of you who don’t know what Findery is, it’s best described as a Google Maps + Pinterest+ Yelp all in one. The best part–you connect with your friends, see where they’ve been and what they recommended in places you are visiting, are curious about, or plan to visit. It’s almost like your friends are there right now, offering you photos and commentary about anything nearby.

Findery allows you to leave “notes” around the world on a map. Notes can be made up of photos, commentary, stories, videos, or list. It’s really up to you what you want your note to be about. I’ve been posting my Disney tips all over the map!


Ice cream sandwiches, Mickey style

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh how I love Summer! Living in San Francisco, we get about three weeks of actual Summer weather. One thing I miss about a traditional Summer is ice cream. I only like to eat it if it’s warm outside. I’ve been waiting for warmer weather to make ice cream sandwiches. Today it’s finally going to happen. I have several pinned over at Pinterest that I’ve been waiting to try, and thought I’d put my own Disney spin on it for our girls. continued

Using chalkboard paint on canvas to create a small sign

hello final

This weekend I took Emma “yardsaling” with me. I was looking for used candle votives for a project and thought this was the perfect place to start looking for great deals on “used” candle holders. We went to several yard sales, she held her two-dollars close, and she scored a gently used dollhouse. The man sold it to her for a quarter. She was beyond thrilled. continued

5 steps to prepare your child for their first sleepover

Recently our daughter was invited to a sleepover birthday party. I know the parents very well, and didn’t hesitate at the invite. But I wasn’t sure if my daughter was actually ready for a night away from us. I didn’t know what the right age was for a first sleepover. Really, there is no right or wrong age. Only you know your child and how they handle themselves. Go with your gut to decide when the right time is for your child. After all, children are different. What is right for one 6 year old, may not be right for another 8 year old.

First Sleepover

When we got the invitation, I started talking to my daughter about the sleepover immediately. Leading up to the actual party, we talked about her anxiety and fears, along with the excitement she felt. continued

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