40 things you might not know about me

Today, I turn 40 years old. Here are 40 things you may not know about me on my 40th birthday.

1.  My full first name is Cam. Nothing more. It says so on my birth certificate. And yes, I have been asked to prove it.
2.  I met my husband at my college freshman orientation 22 years ago. He did not instantly return my “love at first sight” theory. But I still know it was love at first sight for me.
3.  I wanted to be a college professor when I was younger. Being a stay-at-home mom is much better.
4.  I am a closet Coke drinker. I will tell you that I quit, but I sneak it here and there.
5.  My pinky fingers are crooked. So are Emma’s and Addie’s pinky fingers. This was passed down from my grandfather and I think it’s really cool.
6.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my grandparents. I wish I had my grandmother’s recipe for blackberry pie.
7.  I take a bubble bath almost every night. Even if I’ve taken a shower that morning. Not a good carbon footprint, I know. (I’ve cut back since the drought though.)
8.  I like cats more than dogs. Though we’ll never own a cat because of Doug’s allergies.
9.  I was in 4-H. I raised a pig and took it to the fair. Twice. I cried for days for those pigs.
10.  I love bacon.
11.  I have horrible posture and grammar. These two are unrelated.
12.  My favorite movie is Sixteen Candles. I cried when it was my sister’s movie pick, and I didn’t want to watch it at all. Thank you, 1986.
13.  When I was in 6th grade, I was crowned “Royalty Miss, Beautiful Miss.” I think there were only three of us entered in that beauty pageant.
14.  I have a fear of Maxi dresses.
15.  I bought a pair of crocs this year. And like them.
16.  I hoard food. Maybe because we had very little money growing up. I feel the need to have food around me all the time.
17.  I know all the words to “Baby Got Back.”
18.  I love to sing out loud as long as no one can hear me.
19.  I’m a hypochondriac and hope my children don’t inherit my freak genes.
20.  If I could get a massage everyday, I would.
21.  I don’t like to exercise, but I love to spontaneously sign up for (and run) 5k races.
22.  I love the SF Giants, but I’ll watch any team play baseball. It might be the ballpark hot dog and beer that I love too.
23.  I want to be a better mother to my girls. I love them to the moon and back.
24.  I gave birth to both my children unmedicated. I’m still traumatized by one of them.
25.  I am always rearranging our furniture. It drives my husband crazy.
26.  I’m allergic to shellfish, but don’t think I’d eat them anyway.
27.  My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. I love Stevie Nicks.
28.  U2 is a very close second.
29.  I don’t like different food types to touch on my plate. This makes Thanksgiving dinner very difficult.
30.  I love to read mindless romance novels.
31.  I don’t have a favorite color. I really do love them all.
32.  I love to gamble. I play roulette and my lucky numbers are 25 and 17.
33.  I was a flight attendant in my former life, but now I have a terrible fear of flying.
34.  I love warm weather. I should live in San Diego.
35.  I hate being cold. I should not live in San Francisco.
36.  I unconciously hold my pinky out when I am drinking wine or tea. You will notice and make fun of me.
37.  I hate my graying hair, but I am not going to fight it any longer. Color be gone.
38.  I’m happiest when all the people I love are in one room.
39.  Some of my best friends I met online through blogging.
40.  I am trying to raise $4,000 for my 40th birthday to help stop child sex trafficking. Because it’s wrong. Help me out.

Goodbye 30s. You were fun while you lasted.

Hello, 40s!

San Francisco Symphony: Pixar in concert

This weekend, the San Francisco Symphony will be performing Pixar in Concert. From the Toy Story trilogy to The Incredibles and Up, Pixar Animation Studios has always given their audiences an unforgettable performance. Audiences of all ages are forever impacted by the characters and history of these films making the music impossible to forget. 


We were thrilled to hear about the symphony performing Pixar in Concert live, and are excited to see the upcoming performance. This year, Pixar filmmakers will be sharing behind the scenes insight on the making of these films. Brad Bird, writer and director of Ratatouille and The Incredibles, will host July 19 and Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3 and co-director of Finding Nemo will host Pixar in Concert on July 20.

Pixar in Concert, along with clips from each of Pixar’s movies, including their latest release, Monsters University, will be performed live by the San Francisco Symphony this weekend, July 19th and 20th at the Davies Symphony Hall. 

To purchase tickets, visit SFSymphony.org.

This is a promotional post. However, all opinions are my own. I was provided compensation or product for review for my time. 

All I want for my 40th birthday is to raise $4,000

Yep, it’s my 40th birthday this year. And as much as I love presents, it’s not about me this year. There are so many things on my mind lately. I write about American Girl, DIY projects, and a lot of Disney. But as I watch my girls growing older, realizing they are no longer babies, I can see my priorities shifting. I need to be an example. I want to be an example. For them.

One of my biggest concerns is my social responsibility. We are all responsible for the things going on around us, whether in our community, or in one halfway around the world. I find the need to explain more and more about the injustice of others, why things are so incredibly unfair at times. I had recent a conversation with my husband about fairness. We have very little control over the circumstances we are born into. How different would our lives be if we were not born in the U.S. or another free country?

One of the areas I’m feeling particularly sensitive to right now is the fight against sex trafficking. I’ve been following the work of The Exodus Road thanks to the blogging community. Reading posts from Kristen over at Rage Against the Minivan and Heather from Dooce who went on a June blogging trip to help us understand what is going on around us. I’m amazed at the time, energy, and compassion this team puts towards fighting a good fight. But like every good cause, they need money to keep the flight going.

So this is why I want you to help me raise $4000 for my 40th. Four thousand dollars would do so much good for this organization. It would give them equipment to help their surveillance teams, tables and chairs to work on, and help rehabilitate and send a sex slave survivor to school.

Today I’m asking you to give to my Pure Charity campaign. Give what you can. Anything helps. My goal is to raise $4,000, but I’d love to give more. If you can’t give a monetary donation at this time, please share my post. Retweet my tweet, or Tweet it on your own, repost it to Facebook, pin it, whatever. Help me spread the word.

Thank you so much! And Happy 40th birthday to me!

The Exodus Road is a public charity recognized by the IRS and all donations are tax deductible in the United States of America (Tax ID: 46-1384815). I have no affiliation with Exodus Road other than an interest in this campaign and donating toward their cause.

Tinkerlab: A hands-on guide for little inventors

Kids are funny, and scary. When I realized I had a creative little toddler, I struggled to find ways to keep her busy. I knew our oldest daughter was full of creativity, just like her dad. I needed to find a fun way to have organized chaos. On a very slim budget, I was able to create an amazing space for my girls to make a huge mess while exploring her creative side. Little did I know, I had created our very own “Tinkerlab.”

TinkerlabFinish continued

Craft room revealed: A year later

A year ago, I started working on a DIY craft room project for our girls. Life happened and I realized I never shared the finish product. A little history… this had to be a low-cost DIY project. We were on a tight budget, and I needed to create this space for around $200. It had to be a multi-purpose space, meaning it was also going to be used for guests, sewing, and a play area for Addie. But I really wanted the girls to feel like this was their space.


We started the project with phase one by cleaning out the space. We had a lot of junk treasures to sell. This gave us a little more cash toward the overall budget. I gave myself one week to get this phase done. Once I had the space cleaned out, we started phase two. We painted an accent wall, picked out materials, and started looking into how we would accomplish the bigger ideas I had. continued

What I learned from kindergarten

It seems like yesterday that we were walking our daughter to her first day of school. She was just starting out as a kindergartener. Yet, when we walked her to school yesterday, it was her last day of kindergarten. Looking back over this school year, I think I might have learned more than she did.


As a parent, I was blindsided by kindergarten. I had no idea I would experience a variety of emotions. I’m not sure what I expected, I’m still trying to figure it out. continued

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