Findery: My latest obsession

You know when you stumble upon something that is so great, you want everyone you know to use it too? This is how I feel about I was introduced to Findery this past week, and now I have a new obsession.

For those of you who don’t know what Findery is, it’s best described as a Google Maps + Pinterest+ Yelp all in one. The best part–you connect with your friends, see where they’ve been and what they recommended in places you are visiting, are curious about, or plan to visit. It’s almost like your friends are there right now, offering you photos and commentary about anything nearby.

Findery allows you to leave “notes” around the world on a map. Notes can be made up of photos, commentary, stories, videos, or list. It’s really up to you what you want your note to be about. I’ve been posting my Disney tips all over the map!

Another cool feature: Findery will allow you to grab any of your photos or videos from several 3rd party photo sharing services. So I can use a photo from Instagram with my note. You can also use any of the photos from your phone’s camera roll. And notes can be posted anytime. Not just when you are “visiting” that location. Sort of like a latergram.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see me sharing my notes on Facebook and Twitter. Each Findery note can be shared or embedded, just like the one I embedded above. I’ve also thought the mobile app was really easy to explore and use. The app is only available for iPhone right now. But I hear they’re working on an Android version too.

It really didn’t take me long to get a feel for the service. I’m just hoping a few more friends will show up and share their location notes with me.

I am working with Findery to help spread the good word. All opinions are my own. 

Ice cream sandwiches, Mickey style

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh how I love Summer! Living in San Francisco, we get about three weeks of actual Summer weather. One thing I miss about a traditional Summer is ice cream. I only like to eat it if it’s warm outside. I’ve been waiting for warmer weather to make ice cream sandwiches. Today it’s finally going to happen. I have several pinned over at Pinterest that I’ve been waiting to try, and thought I’d put my own Disney spin on it for our girls.

Cookie dough

These ice cream sandwiches are really easy to make. First mix up your favorite cookie dough recipe. I chose a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. Mix up your cookie dough and spread it out in a 9 x 13 baking pan. Once baked according to recipe all the way through, let the baked cookie dough sit and cool for a few minutes. Then use a cookie cutter to make the cut outs. (Here’s the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter I bought from Amazon. Note the extra thickness needed for sandwiches.) Use a spatula to lift the cookies out of the pan.

Cool cookies

Let your cookies cool completely. Once they’ve cooled, prepare your ice cream. I bought one of those round half-gallon containers of ice cream, knowing I could just slice the entire container sideways. This way, I got the exact thickness of ice cream I was hoping for, and there was very little mess. Once the ice cream is sliced to your preferred thickness, use the same cookie cutter to cut out your ice cream to shape. If you are making a lot of cookies, and your ice cream is getting too soft, you might need to put your container back in the freezer for a few minutes to allow it to firm back up.

Cutting ice cream container

Align one cookie on top of the cut-out ice cream. Then with a pastry scraper or spatula, flip it over and add the second cookie. I found it easier to arrange each cookie on top of the ice cream, rather than try to position the ice cream on top of a cookie. You can enjoy a plain ice cream sandwich, or add sprinkles for extra fun. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I tried some colored sprinkles to give our cookies a little Halloween flair.

Mickey ice cream sandwich

Once your ice cream sandwiches are completely assembled, put them back into the freezer to firm them up again. Take them out just before you’re ready to serve them.

Sprinkles on an ice cream sandwich

You can do so much with a simple ice cream sandwich. With different cookie cutter shapes, different cookie batter recipes, and various ice cream flavors, you could create just about any combination. These fun treats are ideal for any occasion. Or… just because it’s the perfect Summer day.

Using chalkboard paint on canvas to create a small sign

hello final

This weekend I took Emma “yardsaling” with me. I was looking for used candle votives for a project and thought this was the perfect place to start looking for great deals on “used” candle holders. We went to several yard sales, she held her two-dollars close, and she scored a gently used dollhouse. The man sold it to her for a quarter. She was beyond thrilled. continued

5 steps to prepare your child for their first sleepover

Recently our daughter was invited to a sleepover birthday party. I know the parents very well, and didn’t hesitate at the invite. But I wasn’t sure if my daughter was actually ready for a night away from us. I didn’t know what the right age was for a first sleepover. Really, there is no right or wrong age. Only you know your child and how they handle themselves. Go with your gut to decide when the right time is for your child. After all, children are different. What is right for one 6 year old, may not be right for another 8 year old.

First Sleepover

When we got the invitation, I started talking to my daughter about the sleepover immediately. Leading up to the actual party, we talked about her anxiety and fears, along with the excitement she felt. continued

Top 5 must-have baby gifts

One of the most overwhelming details about having a baby is buying all of those much needed survival items. When I was pregnant with our first baby, I think we had over two hundred items on our baby registry. We didn’t know what we needed, so we put one of every item we could think of in our shopping cart.

It’s been six years since we had our first baby, and just over two years since we had our second. Needless to say, there are very few baby items that still exist in our home. But there are a few that we still use regularly. Consider these items “must-haves” for every mom and baby, and items that would make perfect gifts or additions to your own registry.

Baby Items continued

40 things you might not know about me

Today, I turn 40 years old. Here are 40 things you may not know about me on my 40th birthday.

1.  My full first name is Cam. Nothing more. It says so on my birth certificate. And yes, I have been asked to prove it.
2.  I met my husband at my college freshman orientation 22 years ago. He did not instantly return my “love at first sight” theory. But I still know it was love at first sight for me.
Doug1992 continued

San Francisco Symphony: Pixar in concert

This weekend, the San Francisco Symphony will be performing Pixar in Concert. From the Toy Story trilogy to The Incredibles and Up, Pixar Animation Studios has always given their audiences an unforgettable performance. Audiences of all ages are forever impacted by the characters and history of these films making the music impossible to forget. 

pixar continued

All I want for my 40th birthday is to raise $4,000

Yep, it’s my 40th birthday this year. And as much as I love presents, it’s not about me this year. There are so many things on my mind lately. I write about American Girl, DIY projects, and a lot of Disney. But as I watch my girls growing older, realizing they are no longer babies, I can see my priorities shifting. I need to be an example. I want to be an example. For them. continued

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